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Whatever your age, your experience,
your desire, we have an activity for you.



It is the ideal form to progress quickly with the help of certified instructors and passionned while you enjoy in security of the pleasures of your sportive vacations and be playful with your friends.

Sailing ships are adpated for all ages, technic levels (all levels accepted) but it also takes in charge the student desires for sailing.
It permits to all to learn sailing basics knowledge.

The youngest will start with the ship called "Optimist"/Dinghy. They are admitted starting from 6 years old.

Club Nautique of Collioure propose also teenagers and adults to be initiate or perfectionned with a sailing skiffs dinghy and windsurf.
The certified instructor will transmit to students some theoretical complements adapted to all ships and levels to be able to develop differents skills but also to enlarge their sailing perimeter.

Sailing weekly courses, adapted to all levels for the students are organised:

Monday throught friday, during school holiday. Each course will take 2 hours time.

Valuation will follow during the course and will be reported on the FFV certification notebook.

Stand Up Paddle Beginner
Get started with our Stand Up Paddle lessons. From 10 years old.   Time: 1H

Start your SUP Fun now!  Take the first step to hours of fun for you, your family and friends!

We tailor SUP lessons to suit everyone – from beginner SUP lessons for children to grandparents. From sessions for the absolute novice to the experienced paddler wanting to improve skills and technique. If you can walk in the sand, hold a feather light paddle and have a sense of adventure, we can get you started on a journey that could change your life! 



The Optimist Dinghy is designed for kids. Its small size, flat bottom and spritsail makes it easy to handle and safe to sail, even for the greenest 8-year-old.
We are using it to teach kids between 6 to 12 years old. As futur sailors regattas get older, there are enough adjustments to make the boat challenging.

For 6 to 8 years old :
Between 9am to 11am, the course will take young beginners through all the necessary training to enable you to be confident out on the water.
For 8 to 12 years old :
Between 11am to 1pm, juniors will navigate by groups of 2 to discover intensively how to sail in all directions in moderate conditions.






The dinghy we use in the Club is a RS Feva, it has a flat narrow hull with a large sailplan, usually consisting of an asymmetric spinnaker. His goal is to be the fastest to receive a maximum of sensations.

Starting from 12 years old to adults  :
Between 2pm to 4pm, or between 4pm to 6 pm, courses are for all that have desire to live new sensations on the water, all levels disconcerted.


This stage is only for expirienced sailors.
We will use the RS 200 to imporve your skills and technic.
During our lessons you will learn fine settings, spinnaker and much more...
Starting from 13 years old to adults  :
Between 4pm to 6 pm, courses are for expirienced sailors who have desire to live new sensations on the water.


Windsurf can be look on a little kind of sailing boat, but also like an extension of the surf board.
Courses in little groups (6 pers. maximum) will make you progress very fast while it will bring you some new sensations of speed.

Starting from 10 years old:
Between 10am to 12pm, beginners courses.

Starting from 13 years old to adults :
Between 10am to 12pm, intermediate courses.


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