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Whatever your age, your experience,
your desire, we have an activity for you.

The differents options proposed are diverse: group courses, private courses, or à la carte.
It is organised in level groups, or in function of ages. It takes in charge their feeling for sailing :
if you prefer« sensation », center on the surfing emotions, or speed without constraint ; or more about
« exploration » turn on discovery in the natural habitat and human ; or « performance» to watch the optimisation of support fonction.
The progress of FFVoile organise themselves in 3 domains :
- technical:
that permits to develop your competence to sail ;
- security: will bring the sailer to advance in this domain ;
- marin feeling and the environment: contribute to form the student to be organic responsable.
In this 3 domains as the progress is visible, the instructor certifies differents autonomy levels.
If courses aren't possible, the EFV dispose of animation tools in land to favorise the practice in this 3 domains.

Our Engagements

• Listen and take into consideration wishes of the students.
• Offer a sailing practice in group that favorise the integration of each student, but also the emulation, to help eachother, exchange and responsability...
• Offer a complete course in 3 domains activities: technic, security, marin feeling/environment and attend the students to a sailing practice responsable and self-governing.
• Contribute to develop physical hability, motiv-feeling, but also mentality for the youth taking care of their progress in maturity.
• Innovate in an offer to pratice to facilitate the apprenticeship and to acquire the activity ground.
• Give courage and fun to people around you to practice sailing all year around in a club for their well-being.

Technical Levels FFVoile

Technical levels FFVoile identifies the capacity of the student to free-oneself straddle and to enlarge their navigation perimeter.

LEVEL 1 FFVoile : first board

FFV niveau 1

It is on straight line that you will live your first sailing experience. You will be able to join differents places on the water without steering. Direct trajectory is not reserved to your "premiers bords"(first board). It will procure later some good sensations in differents conditions, maybe on some differents sailing stand more fastidious or in the opposite on some sailing boats that permit to surf and profit of long board without balance constraint.

LEVEL 2 FFVoile : perfectionment

You will learn how to navigate on indirect trajectory. They will prescribe bends and steerings for join all the places on the water. That the place that you would like to reach be visible or not, on the small perimeter or on a widder sailing zone, the self-command of the indirect trajectories will open some new sailing spaces.

LEVEL 3 FFVoile : evolution

It involves the capacity to strech some strong boards. It is the first level of the sailing level autonomy. It gives access to practice non surrounded guide in a supervised navigation space .

LEVELS 4 and 5 FFVoile attest competences for responsable sailor.

The students will be then formed to navigate in a non supervised navigation space.


3 navigation projects

Sailing naturally : Exploration

It is a navigation project for the one that are looking into :

• Explore new pratic spaces on differents ships privileging the discovery,
• Develop competences needed for do some day trips in varied sailing conditions : learn to sail,read a marin map, plan your journey, calculate the tides…
• Go a long board, to navigate with your sailing boat for one or more nights outside.
• Choice of your sail is here to the service of the triple project : the discovery of the water space, the discovery of your group and also discovery of your surrounding.

Windsurf, Sailing skiffs dinghy, Optimist


> Download the print to register (pdf format)

Itinerary - Patrimony - Tradition - Environment - Trip - Outing

Navigate with passion: Sensationn

It is a navigation project for the one that are looking into :


• Reach quickly sensations that can offer you all ships and conditions to navigate without constraints of trajectory,

• Navigate on long boards planned,

• Reéalise stylish figures.

Windsurf, Sailing skiffs dinghy with SPI, or Multi-support

> Download the print to register (pdf format)

Adrenalin - Challenge - Surfing - Speed - Gesture Perfection

Simply sailing: Performance

It is a navigation project for the one that are looking into :

> Download the print to register (pdf format)


• Optimise the motion of your ship,

• Learn and run the practical conditions to improve efficiency,

• Navigate on some beacon distance covered,

• regatta

Individual Courses and perfectionment
or Winter Sailing School


Control - Efficiency - Confrontation - Optimisation - Regatta


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